Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sorry for the blogging absence this week...not that it's unusual...

My blog and site and everything Chickpea has been moved and I didn't want to blog during the move and make more work for my technically inclined friend.

Please come visit me over at the new and soon to be improved Chickpea Studios. I haven't had a chance to fully alter the site and make it my own. And to be perfectly honest, I have no idea how to do any of that stuff anyways...I just keep bugging my techie friend until he does it!

Oh, and I haven't blogged over there yet but I'm hoping to this weekend! So, come visit me and save the link, change your favorites, add my new site to your blogroll...whatever you have to do...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

nice days make me happy

It's been gorgeous here the last few days...a bit humid but otherwise great! We've managed to spend some time outside and I've been making progress on all of my projects.

Estella and I had a nice morning at the Reservoir yesterday with some friends. It was so sunny and warm. The water was so nice and warm that Estella willingly went in and played, which was a relief. She has a tendency to be a little hesitant to go in the water but not yesterday...maybe it was the heat, or the fact that the water felt like a bath tub...

We gathered our first helping of beans last night for dinner...very yummy. The garden continues to be a bit disappointing, but at least we've managed a few tasty servings from it so far!
I've finished the quilt...did I already blog that? I really can't remember but anyways it's done!

I've been slowly working on the rabbit pattern. I do a few minutes every now and then but nothing much. It's too nice out to be stuck inside sewing...and considering how miserable the weather was around here this summer, I'd better enjoy it while I can!
Hope you all have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather this week! I'll try to post again as I make more progress on my projects, or if something really thrilling happens that I just have to share...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

what are you going to use it for?

That (the title) is what I can expect to hear from my husband whenever I come home with anything unexpected. And, I usually end up finding a use for just about everything I come home with...

I've had a few trips to flea markets and thrift stores lately and I've come home with quite a few new items needing attention...and I think he's getting used to it (or he's given up) so I haven't had to come up with reasons for my purchases.
This is the most recent pile of projects/finds. I'm a sucker for old pieces and the hidden potential I see in them...and I like to redo old furniture. I can pretty much blame (or thank) my parents for that trait. There was never a shortage of furniture projects going on in our household!

And in my defense, I have a pretty good track record for getting my projects done. I finished the couch and the chair that I was working on last year, and I just finished a vintage metal bathroom cabinet I bought earlier this summer (which looks great Mom). So in honor of my huge pile of things-to-get-redone, I'm also planning to finally start on this old chair.
Yes, it's vinyl and incredibly ugly, but also incredibly comfortable and a really great shape and size. I've never done any upholstering with buttons so it should be an adventure, but I figure it'll be a great indoor project as the weather gets cooler and it's no longer warm enough for painting...

I will say that while researching the techniques on reupholstering this style of chair, I'm realizing why it's so ridiculously expensive to pay someone to do it for you....this should be an experience. I'll try to keep updating my progress as I get started.

I have begun sewing binding.
I'll be finished somewhere between the wedding and my death...okay maybe I'm exaggerating but it's a bit slow going...and I think I need to invest in a kills my fingers!

Just to update our mental status for those of you who know what's going on with the houses...we are maintaining. We continue to hope for a sale but are fully prepared to move again. I've also maybe sorta kinda decided that if we do move, I may want to take the house off the market so we can have some stability for a little while...the not knowing and uncertainty has been the hardest part. But as usual, we shall see...all we can do at this point is continue to wait. We'll of course keep you all posted.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I managed to finally get everything done for Plush You and I even managed to get them in the mail on time...though I did cut it kind of close. These three are on their way to Washington:
Now it's time for me to get going on the quilt I've been avoiding. I still have about half of the quilting to do and the entire binding...yuck! I'm sure I'll get it done, I like to have something to work on at night and the binding is a perfect chill-on-the-couch kind of project.

And yet another reason my daughter is spoiled rotten and sure to turn into the world's biggest brat...I serve her lunches like this.
No...not everyday, but when I do this, she eats most of it and asks for more. If I don't have to convince her to eat her food, I'm more than happy to break out the cookie cutters and slice up her grapes!

Terrible picture I know...but it's our first carrot so I had to document it! I pulled one out just to see how they're doing and Estella ate it for dessert.
I've had pretty rotten luck with my gardens this year, and I'm pleased to have something edible come out of it...even if it is a 4 inch long carrot. I'll take just about anything I can get...I've lost most of my beets, all of my zucchini and summer squash, and my tomatoes are dwarfs. I shouldn't make it seem all bad though - we've had a ton of herbs and lettuce, and it looks like we'll have a decent crop of beans. I know I'm not the only one with a difficult garden this year so I'm trying not to take it too personally!

It has been a gorgeous day today...sunny and warm with a nice breeze...perfect for mowing the lawn and playing in the sand box! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the rain to hold of since I'd love to get to the local farmer's market tonight. We shall see...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We took advantage of some nice weather this weekend and visited some local waterfalls. It's nice to see cool things locally that you've never seen makes me realize there's lots more to discover in Vermont (even though I've lived here my whole life).
Estella modeling some sunglasses that were meant to go to the thrift store...they are now a new addition to her accessory collection. She's such a ham...
She's getting quite the little personality as she grows into more and more of a little girl...she never ceases to amaze me...or make me laugh.

And in the spirit of procrastination and putting off what I should be working on, I've picked out materials for a rabbit pattern that I'm testing out. I don't normally make stuffed animals from a pattern, but I'm sort of testing this one for a fellow blogger...more on that later.
Cool vintage buttons from the ReStore:
I've developed a bit of a button addiction. I accumulate them from flea markets and thrift stores and old clothing. Everywhere I go I find cool all I need to do is find a use for them.

On the home front, my garden has been enjoying these few days of summer sun, Walti has been enjoying his job and the promise of some time in the ER sometime soon, and we are still trying to keep our heads up as we count down the days until we (may) have to move. We are definitely hoping for a super summery sunny August and some time to spend together enjoying it!

Happy weekend to's supposed to be a nice one...keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We haven't been doing much lately so I haven't had too much to blog about and also, if I'm being totally honest with myself (and you), I'm moping. I figure if I don't have lots of nice things to share, why bother...I'm feeling stressed and I can't really hide it so I figure I should post as little as possible so as not to spread my's contagious you know.

I've been trying to engage in stress-free, relaxing activities. We spent some time one morning lounging on the porch (complete with pillows and blankets) and made a nice tent to hide under. The people driving by must have thought we were nuts but at least it kept Estella happy for a couple of hours.
Estella and I had a relaxing weekend in the Kingdom this weekend. It was nice to get away and Estella had fun visiting her Grandma, and Grammy and Papa.
Estella did a little gardening and shelled some peas...she very carefully shelled one pea at a time...her attention to detail A+, time management D-. Luckily we weren't having peas for dinner or we may have never eaten!

A little DJ time with Daddy:
And in between it all I've done a little sewing:
This one is still in the works, as are many of the others. Did I mention I'm not doing so well with actually finishing anything? I'm distracted and seem to be bouncing around to different projects. I finished Estella's first piece of clothing...and I'm planning some more. I raided my Mom's fabric while home and found some super cute wool for coats or winter dresses, and I really need to get busy on the quilt I've been working on. Maybe I'm developing ADD in my old age, or maybe I'm just avoiding the rest of my life by hiding in the sewing room...yeah, now that I mention it, it's more likely that I'm hiding than late onset ADD. Oh well, there are worse things I could be doing than sewing!

Friday, July 10, 2009

go figure

I've made clothing in the past. It's never really been something I've been super into, but for some reason I've decided to make some clothing for Estella. I'm starting out with a pair of pants from this issue of Ottobre.
I also have two more issues coming with more wintery clothing in them so maybe I can make lots of clothing this winter while we're buried under snow. We'll see how long this kick lasts, but for now...let the sewing begin!

Estella spent a long time playing with water the other day. She poured it back and forth from cup to cup while I worked around the house...whatever entertains her, right?
We received a box of goodies in the mail today, and went to Ben Franklin/Creative Habitat yesterday (cuz they're going out of business...looking for a bargain!), and we seem to have ended up with a couple of Matryoshka items...kind of an odd coincidence, but colorful and fun nonetheless!
So, obviously I'm planning some clothing to sew, I have a quilt in the works for some friends, and I'm continually working on projects for the two shows (one is most likely postponed though so that gives me a little break on my deadlines), and I have a list started for Christmas gifts...I've got a lot of plans, and not much time...isn't that the way it usually works?!