Friday, September 12, 2008

sea of green

I attacked my huge pile of wool this week and got all of the covers sewn. It was a ton of really boring sewing. I sewed each seam twice and then did a reinforcing over stitch on every single seam...lots of pinning and sewing straight lines.
This is my couch before. Really worn and raggedy and looking a little sad. It's not the greatest couch in the world but it's really comfortable (I should know, I spent my entire pregnancy sleeping on it!) and it has tons of storage underneath the seat cushion. We didn't want to replace it because we do actually like the couch, but it was looking sad, don't you think?
Today while the monster slept, I was able to get the arm rests completely redone, and I put the seat and back rest covers on the see how the whole thing was looking. I'm really pleased with how it's come out so far. And Peanut seams to approve!
So, all I have left to do it to staple the seat and back covers on. It's not happening today since I'm apparently too much of a wimp to use the staple gun for more than an really hurts my hand! I also need to figure out how to attach the skirt-flap-thingy to the bottom of the seat. Considering I have no idea what I'm doing, I'd say I did a pretty good job...pat, pat on the back... The color's not quite as bright as the picture makes it seem. It's a heathered olive green that does border on that offensive vintage pea green but whatever...I like offensive vintage so it suits me just fine. And Walter even gave the approval this afternoon! (And yes, we do have two different rugs in the living room...)

Obviously my week has been consumed in green, so no other craftiness to report.

On the Estella front, she's very into names this week. She'll sit in between Walter and I and point back and forth saying, "Mama, daddy, mama, daddy..." and when we point to her, she says "baba." Apparently she thinks her name is "baby", so we're working on getting her to say her actual name. She's also managed a "neenut" for Peanut and "e-o" for her friend Leo. One of these days we'll be doing everything in our power to shut her up, but for now, we'll enjoy listening to her baby babble.


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jessie said...

Wow! Great job with the couch. Also love the colour- it's gorgeous :)