Wednesday, January 23, 2008

it has been a while

It has been so long since I 've posted but I guess that's typical around the holidays. I've actually been working on some projects. These guys pictured below are in my etsy shop.

It's my first time putting anything in the shop. Hopefully there will be some interest, but at least it's a good experience to get something out there on the web!

I've been also working on some new fritters, which are turning out super. I am also in the process of cooking up a new plan to get some of my Fritters out into the world. I'll keep you posted.

Estella is officially walking. She's walking like she just had a few beers, but she is walking. It's really fun and cute and exciting and all that, but it is also a huge hassle. She gets into so much more, so much faster. And she's tall, so those little hands reach up on to tables and desks causing daily avalanches of food, paperwork, whatever...

I am seriously thinking of starting a new project for her. My first hand quilted blanket for her new room! I purchased some adorable fabric to make her a throw and I want to quilt it sort of like the blanket in Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. I have never quilted anything in my life (that I'm aware of) so it should be an interesting adventure. Luckily she's little and she doesn't know any better if it turns out terrible!

Oh, and yes, since I mentioned a project for her new room, that means we have signed the Purchase and Sale Agreement and we are scheduled to close the 18th of February. Pretty crazy that we will own two houses. Who'd've thunk it! Thanks to the struggling economy we locked in a super low interest rate and our mortgage is ridiculously affordable. Our anticipated move in is by May 1st. We'll see!