Wednesday, December 19, 2007

all i want for christmas

Well, we thought she'd be talking or walking by Christmas but it seems that instead she will be getting her two front teeth. Not the best gift in the world but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Clearly, she's thrilled.

These two SnowFritters are on their way to two little boys for Christmas. (The picture's a little fuzzy, I hit something...) Hopefully they will be enjoyed. I must say that though I do love the holidays and making gifts for other people, I am looking forward to December 26th so I can start back up on some of my other ideas. I would love to get some projects finished so I can get my etsy shop started. Keep an eye out and I'll post a link as soon as there's actually something up.

I was watching the original Rudolph today and "a dolly for Sue" (not the best picture of her on the link) caught my attention. I think she's sort of cute...and she has given me some ideas. I think there may be a misfit toy in my future...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

a little christmas sparkle

So, the tree is up. I nearly amputated my finger while hacking off branches on our Charlie Brown-ish tree, but I managed to get it to fit in the stand and stay standing. It's the first time I've ever had a tree on a table but it's necessary so Estella can't reach it. Though I did catch her hanging on the edge of the table, leaning back, staring up at the tree. She seems to be fairly mesmerized by the sparkle of it all. She was leaning back giving the tree and lights the same loving glances she normally reserves for her reflection in the mirror.

We went to Bazaar Bizarre last Sunday on our birthday. It was a crafterific time! We waited in line for a while in the freezing cold but luckily we were in the first group to get in. However, by the time we left, there was a line around the block. It made us feel better about leaving at the crack of dawn to get there so early. There were so many great vendors. It was nice to see all of them in person since I have been looking at some of their blogs and sites for quite a while. Walter got some great tshirts and I bought some fabric from ReproDepot.

We also got a great sketch from Gamma Ray Bots for Estella's room. She has been really into her little That's Not My Robot book, so I thought she may enjoy some robot decor for her room. I guess she likes robots...that's our girl!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

'tis the season

We went on a little trip/errand today to get some Christmas gifts and I was all set to take a photo to post and the camera died. This is what will have to take the nonexistent photo's place. My stack of Christmas cards...all set to go. In an attempt to keep as much of my sanity intact as possible, I decided that this year all of the Christmas shopping, wrapping and shipping would be done early. Or at least not last minute. I wrapped like a mad woman tonight and almost everything is ready to go. Just a few last minute items and everything should be set to go by the end of the week! Yeah!

I went to the Queen City Craft Bazaar was really great. There were so many great stands and items and I left feeling like my work really could stand up to the work that I saw. It was encouraging, in a way, and has pushed me into the idea that maybe next year I will be able to participate in the Bazaar, or at least one similar.

I'm currently on countdown to the big 3-0! In some ways I could care less and in other ways I'm freaking out. I really have accomplished a lot of the things that I wanted to do in my life. I've graduated from college, I'm married, have a child, have a house, have a plan for what I'd really like to do with my many things on my"list" are checked off, so why freak out? I guess it really is just another year, another birthday, another ordinary day. There really isn't much to be freaking out about. But it wouldn't be like me if I couldn't find the anxiety factor in any event. Maybe I'll just relax and save all of my anxiety for 10 years from now!