Sunday, December 2, 2007

'tis the season

We went on a little trip/errand today to get some Christmas gifts and I was all set to take a photo to post and the camera died. This is what will have to take the nonexistent photo's place. My stack of Christmas cards...all set to go. In an attempt to keep as much of my sanity intact as possible, I decided that this year all of the Christmas shopping, wrapping and shipping would be done early. Or at least not last minute. I wrapped like a mad woman tonight and almost everything is ready to go. Just a few last minute items and everything should be set to go by the end of the week! Yeah!

I went to the Queen City Craft Bazaar was really great. There were so many great stands and items and I left feeling like my work really could stand up to the work that I saw. It was encouraging, in a way, and has pushed me into the idea that maybe next year I will be able to participate in the Bazaar, or at least one similar.

I'm currently on countdown to the big 3-0! In some ways I could care less and in other ways I'm freaking out. I really have accomplished a lot of the things that I wanted to do in my life. I've graduated from college, I'm married, have a child, have a house, have a plan for what I'd really like to do with my many things on my"list" are checked off, so why freak out? I guess it really is just another year, another birthday, another ordinary day. There really isn't much to be freaking out about. But it wouldn't be like me if I couldn't find the anxiety factor in any event. Maybe I'll just relax and save all of my anxiety for 10 years from now!

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