Friday, November 30, 2007

thank goodness for noodles

Noodle are my new best friend! Estella is so into eating noodles. I cut them into little bits and she picks them up one at a time and eats them...for hours! She sat at the table tonight and ate noodles while I read a magazine. I had to include a pic that at least partially shows her new bib by Mimi the Sardine, too cute! And it wipes right off with the sponge...less laundry!

So, back to the noodles, it was the most uninterrupted magazine reading time I've had in the last nine months! I used it to read my new overpriced magazine, 101 Hip, Handmade Gifts. I don't usually buy pricey magazines,or papercraft related magazines but I flipped throught it while standing at the check out line and couldn't resist. The suggestions for some of the kids gifts are what got me, make your own plush and board books, and a robot party! How could I resist!?

Needless to say, today was a good day! And, I get to go to the Queen City Craft Bazaar tomorrow... a magazine and Craft Bazaar all in the same 24 hours! It's amazing what my idea of a good time has turned into...when did I get so boring?

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