Thursday, November 29, 2007

ahhh, i actually finished something

I am happy to announce...I have actually finished something! Actually, today I finished a couple somethings but since they are future presents, this is all I'll post. This little Fritter is a future present for Estella. I figure it's safe to show it since she hasn't started blogging yet. Sorry about the quality of the photo but daylight has long gone for the day and I wanted to post tonight while I had the energy.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of this little girl...and her tag(which is why she is showing a little leg!). I know that Estella will be more interested in the tissue paper or box that the gift comes in but at least I can enjoy giving it to her.

This little girl is the source of so much happiness and love, but also so much stress! How can such a sweet little munchkin give me such a big headache?! Today was just one of those days...all of you mothers understand. Whine, feed, change, whine, fuss, Cheerios, change, food, bounce, cry, Cheerios, torment dog, pull on window blind, smack TV with rattle, fuss, scream, food, SLEEP. Aaahhhh! There's a ton of energy stored up in those chubby cheeks! Even with all of the stress and frustration, all I have to do is look at those big blue eyes and it all melts away...

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