Wednesday, February 27, 2008

alrighty then

Things have been going strong at the new house. I've even managed to get a little bit of work in which is amazing considering I have to stop every three minutes to take something potentially dangerous away from my helper! There should be some paint up this week or early next. After that, I think I'll feel a bit more encouraged by the whole endeavor.
This is Lola. She's new, and so cute in person. The little wrap dress is my first real attempt at fitted clothing...not perfect but pretty cute anyway! I am hoping to put a couple more items up in the shop within the next couple of days. It's such a difficult thing to put my stuff out there for acceptance or rejection but it's good for me. Last time I at least got some nice comments, so that was encouraging. I have lots more ideas tumbling around in my head and notebook so maybe there will be more to show soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

this is what happens...

...when I'm left unattended in the house. I buy new fabric. Lots of new fabric. I bought a couple yards at Joann's and then since most of my excitement involves staying in the house and wasting time on the internet, I bought some more online. I recieved this lovely bunch from QuiltingAsYouWish. I love that it came tied with a ribbon, so much more like a little present to me! I bought some more great fabric from eQuilter, and then ventured out of the house and bought some more at A Quilter's Garden in Montpelier. I think I better take a break from buying fabric! Especially because...

We just closed on house number two today! It is crazy to think that we own two houses. And by "own", I mean "will be paying on for the rest or our lives". If we thought we were going to be broke after the first one think about how we feel now...hello Ramen noodles! Oh well, at least we'll have a back yard to eat our Ramen in!

So, for now, I will be spending lots of time staying in the house, not spending money. Maybe it will encourage me to do some work and get some products up in the ol' shop!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ahh, Vermont

The view from my window earlier this week:
Clearly I was not going to leave the house for a while. I decided to use my mandatory confinement to let that anal retentive side come out (not that it needs much encouragement). May I present my newly organized fabric cabinet:It comes complete with a (newly) contact-paper-covered-shoebox-full-of-those-little-scraps-you-just-can't-bring-yourself-to-throw-away. I did discover some fabrics that I had forgotten about, so that was an added bonus. The only bad thing about it is that with all of it organized, in one space, my husband can see just how much fabric I own, making it difficult to justify the purchase of more. At least with it spread out all over the room in little piles it looked like less. Oh well! Any guesses on how long it actually stays this neat?!
Now that I'm all organized, I have no excuse for not getting work to the craft room!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


So, here are the New Fritters On The Block:
This little robot was an attempt at something different and perhaps more on the boyish side since I tend to make such girly plush. Apparently it was not so boyish that Estella avoided it. She grabbed it from me and promptly shoved it in her mouth, making it a new addition to her toy box. Oh well, I guess at least it's appealing to kids...
Just some more Fritters. They're a new design and are a bit smaller than others I have made.
These are the most recent additions. I'm happy with these guys! So cute (to me anyway)!

So, though I haven't been blogging, I've been working. I've been trying different shapes and sizes and since I seem to be completely incappable of making 3 dimensional creatures, I have at least been making these new guys so that they can sit.

On a non craft related note, Estella is great! She amazes me daily. She says "banana", "hi", and is working hard on "silly", "stinky" and "doggie". She even said "Hi Dadda" on the phone to Walter the other night. The talking is cute now...however,I'm not all that eager for the day she'll be a teenager swearing at me and telling me she hates me for whatever I didn't let her do or get. At least that's a way off! For now I'll just sit and stare and be amazed.