Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ahh, Vermont

The view from my window earlier this week:
Clearly I was not going to leave the house for a while. I decided to use my mandatory confinement to let that anal retentive side come out (not that it needs much encouragement). May I present my newly organized fabric cabinet:It comes complete with a (newly) contact-paper-covered-shoebox-full-of-those-little-scraps-you-just-can't-bring-yourself-to-throw-away. I did discover some fabrics that I had forgotten about, so that was an added bonus. The only bad thing about it is that with all of it organized, in one space, my husband can see just how much fabric I own, making it difficult to justify the purchase of more. At least with it spread out all over the room in little piles it looked like less. Oh well! Any guesses on how long it actually stays this neat?!
Now that I'm all organized, I have no excuse for not getting work to the craft room!

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