Friday, November 30, 2007

thank goodness for noodles

Noodle are my new best friend! Estella is so into eating noodles. I cut them into little bits and she picks them up one at a time and eats them...for hours! She sat at the table tonight and ate noodles while I read a magazine. I had to include a pic that at least partially shows her new bib by Mimi the Sardine, too cute! And it wipes right off with the sponge...less laundry!

So, back to the noodles, it was the most uninterrupted magazine reading time I've had in the last nine months! I used it to read my new overpriced magazine, 101 Hip, Handmade Gifts. I don't usually buy pricey magazines,or papercraft related magazines but I flipped throught it while standing at the check out line and couldn't resist. The suggestions for some of the kids gifts are what got me, make your own plush and board books, and a robot party! How could I resist!?

Needless to say, today was a good day! And, I get to go to the Queen City Craft Bazaar tomorrow... a magazine and Craft Bazaar all in the same 24 hours! It's amazing what my idea of a good time has turned into...when did I get so boring?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

ahhh, i actually finished something

I am happy to announce...I have actually finished something! Actually, today I finished a couple somethings but since they are future presents, this is all I'll post. This little Fritter is a future present for Estella. I figure it's safe to show it since she hasn't started blogging yet. Sorry about the quality of the photo but daylight has long gone for the day and I wanted to post tonight while I had the energy.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of this little girl...and her tag(which is why she is showing a little leg!). I know that Estella will be more interested in the tissue paper or box that the gift comes in but at least I can enjoy giving it to her.

This little girl is the source of so much happiness and love, but also so much stress! How can such a sweet little munchkin give me such a big headache?! Today was just one of those days...all of you mothers understand. Whine, feed, change, whine, fuss, Cheerios, change, food, bounce, cry, Cheerios, torment dog, pull on window blind, smack TV with rattle, fuss, scream, food, SLEEP. Aaahhhh! There's a ton of energy stored up in those chubby cheeks! Even with all of the stress and frustration, all I have to do is look at those big blue eyes and it all melts away...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

it's official

Well, these are our Halloween pumpkins, now covered in a glazing of ice. It is officially winter, there's no more denying it. I suppose that between the snow and cold, it will encourage me to stay inside and work on my crafts.

I have been working. I can't really post anything because that would ruin the fun of giving the gifts later on. As soon as I have some other work done, I'll post some pics. It's slow going of course, considering I have to stop every couple of minutes to retrieve Estella, or her toys off of the floor if I'm restraining her in the high chair. Still, I've been getting some work done and I'm happy with the results so far.

Went to Bebop yesterday. I had seen the shop advertised in the paper but had never been. We were driving by and couldn't miss the spotted door! What a great little shop! I have a feeling I'll be visiting many great items and lots of them made by Vermonters.

I've been going to as many craft fairs as I can find, seeing lots of plastic canvas art. (And eating lots of fudge!) I'm looking forward to next weekend, when I can go to the Queen City Craft Bazaar. I have never been, but I'm looking forward to some local crafters that are doing work that I would enjoy. Walter says it's my Bazaar Bizarre warm up. Whatever you call it, it's a great excuse to spy on other crafters!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

So, yesterday I went to the Northeast Kingdom to visit family, and while I was there, I went to a couple of Christmas Bazaars. I wanted to go, of course, just to be nosey and see what other crafters are doing. Apparently up there, other crafters are doing air freshner covers in the form of crocheted dolls and plastic canvas portraits and other various plastic canvas items. It was at the very least amusing, as well as inspiring. I left feeling fairly good about my own work but also wondering, what would I have to do with plastic canvas art to make it cool again? Probably quite a bit.

I didn't buy anything from the crafters...I feel a bit guilty about it because I know it all takes time, and I do like to support my fellow creative folk, but I just couldn't justify a purchase. I did however leave with some peanut butter fudge (which I ate on my way home), as well as other assorted sweets (which I also ate on my way home). So basically, I bought myself a stomach ache.

The real prize of the day was my new vintage Fisher Price Record Player! I was so excited to snag it. I could say that it's for Estella but that wouldn't be entirely true. I'm definately the one who's most excited about it, she just seems to be most interested in chewing on the records.

I'm currently looking into making plans for Bazaar Bizarre! We went last year and I'm so psyched to go again this year. We will also be visiting IKEA while we're down there! It really is my dream getaway...and actually it will be a great present since the Bazaar is on my birthday. Maybe if I am consumed with crafts and affordable Swedish furniture, I'll forget that I'm turning 30.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Really, I've been working

Well, it's not very impressive looking here, but it is proof that I've been doing something! This is just a prototype. The intention is that I will eventually have this cute little pigeon-toed bear for Estella. And really, the whole purpose for the bear it to have something to make clothes for out of the great new fabric I bought the other day from Strawberry and Rhubarb. I went in "just looking" and of course had to walk out with just a couple of yards of fabric.

I have also been attempting a run of Fritter Bats. (The wings are sort of visible under the bear's feet) I thought it would be interesting to see how long it took me to make a bunch of something just in case I ever get around to selling them. Let me just say - BORING! I definitely prefer making one of a kind Fritters...they just take so much longer. Hopefully soon there will be a post up of all of the bats in my craft room'fry. Although, there is never anything soon about my posts. I'll try to be better...I promise.