Saturday, May 9, 2009


Someone please tell me the secret to making Popovers! I've made a few successful batches of Popovers in the past, but I have no idea what recipe I used or why they were successful. Estella constantly asks for them, and I always grab some random recipe off the Internet, and they never work...HELP! There's got to be some secret trick that one of you can share with me...

We went to the Queen City Craft Bazaar today. It's nice to walk around and see all of the work that some local crafters are doing. Maybe some day I'll have the guts (and the stock) to do the show...we'll see.

We also pretty much stayed inside and watched it rain. Estella really wanted to be outside though, so we spent a little time on the porch until it started to rain sideways!
I couldn't resist Estella's cute little wrinkled feet...and she's clutching her Basil plant. The girl is obsessed with Basil in general and this plant is no ends up inside in random places, and she throws an incredible fit whenever I try to take it away. I hate to imagine what she's going to do when I actually get around to planting it!

I am happy to say that I'm very nearly done with all of the little random things I need to get done in order to go away and actually be able to relax. It's been a week of crossing things off of my to do list...yeah!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there!

Monday, May 4, 2009

making progress

We've been doing a ton of work outside since my last post. The old grass is freshly mowed and the new grass is safely hiding under a layer of straw...we're really hoping it takes this time!
The garden boxes are filled with really nice compost/soil, and the front of the house has new beds with some pretty flowers and herbs. I've been enjoying working outside this year which a complete change from last year. Last year I avoided outside activities whenever possible, but this year I've voluntarily raked and mowed the lawn! Last year at this time though we were getting over a really stressful couple of months and I just wasn't feeling it...

Tonight, Walter is at his last class! He has a week long review for his NCLEX next week, but as for normal classes and homework, he's done! It's been a long three years but the end is in sight!!

Estella enjoying a little painting time...we pretty much figure she's done painting when she starts to use the paint as a hand moisturizer...
I've quilted half of the quilt I'm working on:
I've also been trying to work on some other projects...
I have two shows due in August so there may be a mad rush for the studio after vacation. I think I have two shows...Shawn, are you still doing Potluck? Anyways, I figure when we get back, it's my turn to say I have lots of work to do and disappear for a couple of days into the studio, and Walter can enjoy a little Estella time!

Basically, we've been enjoying the weather, doing some work, I've been trying to convince my hypochondriac self that I'm not going to die of The Swine Flu, and we're really looking forward to graduation and vacation!