Sunday, November 11, 2007

So, yesterday I went to the Northeast Kingdom to visit family, and while I was there, I went to a couple of Christmas Bazaars. I wanted to go, of course, just to be nosey and see what other crafters are doing. Apparently up there, other crafters are doing air freshner covers in the form of crocheted dolls and plastic canvas portraits and other various plastic canvas items. It was at the very least amusing, as well as inspiring. I left feeling fairly good about my own work but also wondering, what would I have to do with plastic canvas art to make it cool again? Probably quite a bit.

I didn't buy anything from the crafters...I feel a bit guilty about it because I know it all takes time, and I do like to support my fellow creative folk, but I just couldn't justify a purchase. I did however leave with some peanut butter fudge (which I ate on my way home), as well as other assorted sweets (which I also ate on my way home). So basically, I bought myself a stomach ache.

The real prize of the day was my new vintage Fisher Price Record Player! I was so excited to snag it. I could say that it's for Estella but that wouldn't be entirely true. I'm definately the one who's most excited about it, she just seems to be most interested in chewing on the records.

I'm currently looking into making plans for Bazaar Bizarre! We went last year and I'm so psyched to go again this year. We will also be visiting IKEA while we're down there! It really is my dream getaway...and actually it will be a great present since the Bazaar is on my birthday. Maybe if I am consumed with crafts and affordable Swedish furniture, I'll forget that I'm turning 30.

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