Thursday, February 7, 2008


So, here are the New Fritters On The Block:
This little robot was an attempt at something different and perhaps more on the boyish side since I tend to make such girly plush. Apparently it was not so boyish that Estella avoided it. She grabbed it from me and promptly shoved it in her mouth, making it a new addition to her toy box. Oh well, I guess at least it's appealing to kids...
Just some more Fritters. They're a new design and are a bit smaller than others I have made.
These are the most recent additions. I'm happy with these guys! So cute (to me anyway)!

So, though I haven't been blogging, I've been working. I've been trying different shapes and sizes and since I seem to be completely incappable of making 3 dimensional creatures, I have at least been making these new guys so that they can sit.

On a non craft related note, Estella is great! She amazes me daily. She says "banana", "hi", and is working hard on "silly", "stinky" and "doggie". She even said "Hi Dadda" on the phone to Walter the other night. The talking is cute now...however,I'm not all that eager for the day she'll be a teenager swearing at me and telling me she hates me for whatever I didn't let her do or get. At least that's a way off! For now I'll just sit and stare and be amazed.

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