Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just one of those brilliant ideas

Sorry for the crappy pictures excuses, I'm just having a photographically challenged day...

While away, I bought two discontinued couch covers from IKEA. I've liked the material and color since they first came out but since we don't own the Kramfors couch, the covers are sort of pointless. Anyhow, I bought the covers, figuring that I would use the material to cover our current couch. I've spent many hours ripping seams, and even more hours marking out the parts to the new covers. Now I think I'll spend many hours trying to figure out if I was actually sane when I came up with the's sort of a daunting pile of wool, no?
All frustrations aside, it'll give me something to do for many more hours I'm sure. I'll try to keep the process updated.

Estella finally has enough hair for me to torture her with hair accessories. She's not entirely convinced that having her hair pulled back is a good thing but there's time...

She actually left the pigtails in for most of the day, and enjoyed giggling at her reflection in the oven window.

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