Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We haven't been doing much lately so I haven't had too much to blog about and also, if I'm being totally honest with myself (and you), I'm moping. I figure if I don't have lots of nice things to share, why bother...I'm feeling stressed and I can't really hide it so I figure I should post as little as possible so as not to spread my anxiety...it's contagious you know.

I've been trying to engage in stress-free, relaxing activities. We spent some time one morning lounging on the porch (complete with pillows and blankets) and made a nice tent to hide under. The people driving by must have thought we were nuts but at least it kept Estella happy for a couple of hours.
Estella and I had a relaxing weekend in the Kingdom this weekend. It was nice to get away and Estella had fun visiting her Grandma, and Grammy and Papa.
Estella did a little gardening and shelled some peas...she very carefully shelled one pea at a time...her attention to detail A+, time management D-. Luckily we weren't having peas for dinner or we may have never eaten!

A little DJ time with Daddy:
And in between it all I've done a little sewing:
This one is still in the works, as are many of the others. Did I mention I'm not doing so well with actually finishing anything? I'm distracted and seem to be bouncing around to different projects. I finished Estella's first piece of clothing...and I'm planning some more. I raided my Mom's fabric while home and found some super cute wool for coats or winter dresses, and I really need to get busy on the quilt I've been working on. Maybe I'm developing ADD in my old age, or maybe I'm just avoiding the rest of my life by hiding in the sewing room...yeah, now that I mention it, it's more likely that I'm hiding than late onset ADD. Oh well, there are worse things I could be doing than sewing!


Melanie said...

I have been having difficulty lately with finishing things- or even starting things. I have piles everywhere- piles of fabric, yarn, you name it- of things to be made into something. I feel like if I have it out it'll inspire me to start it.. . For some reason I am having a hard time getting motivated.
For me, I think it is summer- it's hot, and it feels like I should be lazy. . .
I wanna see the item of clothing you made!
And I can't wait to see what you make with the wool!

Whosies said...

lazy summer seems to be spreading! a little bit at a time is how it goes sometimes.