Thursday, July 30, 2009

We took advantage of some nice weather this weekend and visited some local waterfalls. It's nice to see cool things locally that you've never seen makes me realize there's lots more to discover in Vermont (even though I've lived here my whole life).
Estella modeling some sunglasses that were meant to go to the thrift store...they are now a new addition to her accessory collection. She's such a ham...
She's getting quite the little personality as she grows into more and more of a little girl...she never ceases to amaze me...or make me laugh.

And in the spirit of procrastination and putting off what I should be working on, I've picked out materials for a rabbit pattern that I'm testing out. I don't normally make stuffed animals from a pattern, but I'm sort of testing this one for a fellow blogger...more on that later.
Cool vintage buttons from the ReStore:
I've developed a bit of a button addiction. I accumulate them from flea markets and thrift stores and old clothing. Everywhere I go I find cool all I need to do is find a use for them.

On the home front, my garden has been enjoying these few days of summer sun, Walti has been enjoying his job and the promise of some time in the ER sometime soon, and we are still trying to keep our heads up as we count down the days until we (may) have to move. We are definitely hoping for a super summery sunny August and some time to spend together enjoying it!

Happy weekend to's supposed to be a nice one...keep your fingers crossed!


Whosies said...

i did that bunny pattern. cute stuff. i have a big pickle jar full now of buttons. they are a bit addicting, but it's ok.

Melanie said...

I've done the wee wonderfuls big-footed bunny pattern- is that the one you're doing?
I also love vintage buttons. . .

stacey said...

It's actually a pattern from Bird and Little Bird...not sure if it's available in her shop yet or not...I love the wee wonderfuls one but I haven't tried it yet...someday!