Thursday, August 6, 2009


I managed to finally get everything done for Plush You and I even managed to get them in the mail on time...though I did cut it kind of close. These three are on their way to Washington:
Now it's time for me to get going on the quilt I've been avoiding. I still have about half of the quilting to do and the entire binding...yuck! I'm sure I'll get it done, I like to have something to work on at night and the binding is a perfect chill-on-the-couch kind of project.

And yet another reason my daughter is spoiled rotten and sure to turn into the world's biggest brat...I serve her lunches like this.
No...not everyday, but when I do this, she eats most of it and asks for more. If I don't have to convince her to eat her food, I'm more than happy to break out the cookie cutters and slice up her grapes!

Terrible picture I know...but it's our first carrot so I had to document it! I pulled one out just to see how they're doing and Estella ate it for dessert.
I've had pretty rotten luck with my gardens this year, and I'm pleased to have something edible come out of it...even if it is a 4 inch long carrot. I'll take just about anything I can get...I've lost most of my beets, all of my zucchini and summer squash, and my tomatoes are dwarfs. I shouldn't make it seem all bad though - we've had a ton of herbs and lettuce, and it looks like we'll have a decent crop of beans. I know I'm not the only one with a difficult garden this year so I'm trying not to take it too personally!

It has been a gorgeous day today...sunny and warm with a nice breeze...perfect for mowing the lawn and playing in the sand box! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the rain to hold of since I'd love to get to the local farmer's market tonight. We shall see...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey
How I love looking in on you guys and hearing about what you are up to. Congrats on your first carrot.
That sounds silly but I mean it.
Our bean netting we built needed to be reinforced due to the lush growth. Froze 10 double helping yesterday and today made Plum Jam.
Our tree had an off year but the one at my school was loaded. Fun.
I'm on vacation this month and I'm really liking it. Brian will be taking a week off when Erica and Cory are here.
Thinking of you guys everyday.
Over and out from the land of Hot and Dry...