Sunday, August 9, 2009

what are you going to use it for?

That (the title) is what I can expect to hear from my husband whenever I come home with anything unexpected. And, I usually end up finding a use for just about everything I come home with...

I've had a few trips to flea markets and thrift stores lately and I've come home with quite a few new items needing attention...and I think he's getting used to it (or he's given up) so I haven't had to come up with reasons for my purchases.
This is the most recent pile of projects/finds. I'm a sucker for old pieces and the hidden potential I see in them...and I like to redo old furniture. I can pretty much blame (or thank) my parents for that trait. There was never a shortage of furniture projects going on in our household!

And in my defense, I have a pretty good track record for getting my projects done. I finished the couch and the chair that I was working on last year, and I just finished a vintage metal bathroom cabinet I bought earlier this summer (which looks great Mom). So in honor of my huge pile of things-to-get-redone, I'm also planning to finally start on this old chair.
Yes, it's vinyl and incredibly ugly, but also incredibly comfortable and a really great shape and size. I've never done any upholstering with buttons so it should be an adventure, but I figure it'll be a great indoor project as the weather gets cooler and it's no longer warm enough for painting...

I will say that while researching the techniques on reupholstering this style of chair, I'm realizing why it's so ridiculously expensive to pay someone to do it for you....this should be an experience. I'll try to keep updating my progress as I get started.

I have begun sewing binding.
I'll be finished somewhere between the wedding and my death...okay maybe I'm exaggerating but it's a bit slow going...and I think I need to invest in a kills my fingers!

Just to update our mental status for those of you who know what's going on with the houses...we are maintaining. We continue to hope for a sale but are fully prepared to move again. I've also maybe sorta kinda decided that if we do move, I may want to take the house off the market so we can have some stability for a little while...the not knowing and uncertainty has been the hardest part. But as usual, we shall see...all we can do at this point is continue to wait. We'll of course keep you all posted.

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Anonymous said...

Is Estella helping you restore those pieces with a powder drill? She's industrious like you.

And the reflection in the mirror...where is that? I see a lot of green.

Thsnks agsin for your entries.
I enjoy them so much!dastr