Saturday, August 15, 2009

nice days make me happy

It's been gorgeous here the last few days...a bit humid but otherwise great! We've managed to spend some time outside and I've been making progress on all of my projects.

Estella and I had a nice morning at the Reservoir yesterday with some friends. It was so sunny and warm. The water was so nice and warm that Estella willingly went in and played, which was a relief. She has a tendency to be a little hesitant to go in the water but not yesterday...maybe it was the heat, or the fact that the water felt like a bath tub...

We gathered our first helping of beans last night for dinner...very yummy. The garden continues to be a bit disappointing, but at least we've managed a few tasty servings from it so far!
I've finished the quilt...did I already blog that? I really can't remember but anyways it's done!

I've been slowly working on the rabbit pattern. I do a few minutes every now and then but nothing much. It's too nice out to be stuck inside sewing...and considering how miserable the weather was around here this summer, I'd better enjoy it while I can!
Hope you all have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather this week! I'll try to post again as I make more progress on my projects, or if something really thrilling happens that I just have to share...


Anonymous said...

Great looking beans!
And can we see the finished quilt?
Take Care...

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacey
Do you have a new blog site? Just give me the blog site address and I'm there.
This tech stuff is no fun for me either.
Take Care
Love Ya,

Talk with you soon.