Friday, July 10, 2009

go figure

I've made clothing in the past. It's never really been something I've been super into, but for some reason I've decided to make some clothing for Estella. I'm starting out with a pair of pants from this issue of Ottobre.
I also have two more issues coming with more wintery clothing in them so maybe I can make lots of clothing this winter while we're buried under snow. We'll see how long this kick lasts, but for now...let the sewing begin!

Estella spent a long time playing with water the other day. She poured it back and forth from cup to cup while I worked around the house...whatever entertains her, right?
We received a box of goodies in the mail today, and went to Ben Franklin/Creative Habitat yesterday (cuz they're going out of business...looking for a bargain!), and we seem to have ended up with a couple of Matryoshka items...kind of an odd coincidence, but colorful and fun nonetheless!
So, obviously I'm planning some clothing to sew, I have a quilt in the works for some friends, and I'm continually working on projects for the two shows (one is most likely postponed though so that gives me a little break on my deadlines), and I have a list started for Christmas gifts...I've got a lot of plans, and not much time...isn't that the way it usually works?!

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