Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This year Waterbury had their Fourth of July parade and festivities the week before the actual holiday, so by the time the Fourth rolled around we weren't feeling very festive.

We went for a drive and ended up going strawberry picking which we decided seemed all American enough to count as a holiday festivity...
I wish I had remembered my camera...Estella was so sweet picking berries! I'll try to remember it for blueberry picking...

Having pounds of berries with no idea what to do with them has made me look into learning the art of canning. I'm only referring to it as an "art" because there are so many things to keep in mind to can...equipment, acid levels, altitude, BOTULISM! Reading up on the subject has me thinking that canning is best left to those who have been taught by someone but I'm thinking of trying...any tips? How scared should I be about killing my family with bacterial infused canned goods? I guess as long as I'm careful ( and I buy a pressure canner) I should be able to can just about anything, right?

The first house is still on the market...we're resorting to odd religious practices and good ol'fashioned prayer. St. Joseph will be buried in the front yard tonight!
I was managing to remain fairly Zen about the whole thing...feeling like it'll all work out, even if we loose the house we're in...figuring there must be some reason for whatever happens...remaining upbeat and optimistic...not so much anymore! I'm now in full on panic and constant anxiety mode. I know it won't help the situation, but it is who I am and I can't help it. I love this house and the property, and we've been living in it for almost a year with the feeling and understanding that this is our home...I don't know if I can make it through another move. I guess there's not much to do now but sit and wait...and PRAY!

I've been continuing to try to get some work done everyday. I'm making progress on my projects, but not managing to actually finish any of them. I'm kind of getting close to my deadline for one of the shows so I guess I'll have to actually finish a few of them soon.
Walter is currently studying like a mad man...he has his NCLEX exam tomorrow afternoon, so everyone think happy, passing grade thoughts for him!

Hope you all had lots of Fourth of July fun!

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Whosies said...

canning really isn't that big of a deal. depending on what you make you don't need a pressure cooker. i have NEVER used one and can a bit of stuff each summer. make some jam with those strawberries! you can even find low sugar pectin if you want. yum, yum,
moving isn't fun, just take one day at a time. don't worry about it until you really need to. easier said than done for sure.