Sunday, February 22, 2009

third time's a charm

The secretary is done! The color doesn't really show in the's a lot brighter and deeper in person.
This color is the third one I can sort of see the three colors below.
I was very indecisive about choosing a was too much like a piece of celery... another was too much like Listerine...then just right...I think. So far so good with the current color. I even put some things in the drawers and took the painters tape off the glass...I think this one's a keeper!

I had a chance to do some work today since Walter's home and the snow is keeping us in. I'm moving along on my newest project :
And even further along:

That's probably all of the work I'll get done for today...but maybe I'll do more tomorrow if we get all of the snow that's predicted.

I'm very nearly done Estella's birthday gift. This nap time should be the last one I have to use for painting and drilling and assembling. The work went along much quicker than I'd expected, and it's turning out so cute...I'll post pics when it's done!

I'm very excited that we're starting to plan for a trip to California in May...I know it's kind of early, but with our lives, we need to plan ahead! It's been four years since we've been, and it'll be so nice to get back out there and visit some of our favorite people and places...this time with a two year old! Looking ahead to something will definitely help ease the stress and frustrations of the next couple of months...

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