Monday, February 23, 2009


My dainty tea drinker:
Whenever I give her a glass or mug and tell her to be careful, the little finger comes up!

We are buried in snow...some shoulder high drifts outside the back door:
And some drifts on the porch:
We've been plowed out a couple of times since the snow started yesterday, but the wind is blowing so much that there're huge drifts everywhere. The snow is up past our windows in the dining room!

I don't particularly love being snowed in, but it's to be expected...if you know Vermont, you know that just when it looks like winter's almost over, you get dumped on again and have to start all over!

Today in the mail...a bright spot!
Proof that not all winters are so white...some beautiful blooms all the way from California! Thanks Chase! (That's the secretary in the back...this picture shows the color much better than the last post.)

Two years ago today was my due date for's crazy to think back on how huge and uncomfortable I was. Of course it goes without saying that she waited many more days to make her appearance...more on that later!


Kristy said...

Pinkies cute.

Anonymous said...

You were not big, you were beautiful!!!