Thursday, November 6, 2008

what can i say...

...the girl loves to vacuum! Someday, when I assign vacuuming as a chore, she may not find it quite as much fun. We need a new vacuum...ours is super loud and whiny, the wheel-caster-roller-thing on the bottom is broken so it's hard to push, and since we only have one rug in the house, we don't really need such a ginormous piece of household machinery. I want one of those little, lightweight ones, or even better, one that'll vacuum for me!

This is Estella's own composition...

I guess she's a typical child...she "talks" all day long on her phones, saying "hi" and all sorts of names, and when she gets a real phone up to her ear, she's suddenly mute. Lately, she's been talking to "Gamma" on her phone...the newest name in her repertoire.

And now for my own composition I'd like to present "I Have a Headache":

I need new glasses. The money that was supposed to buy me new glasses is resting peacefully in the Atlantic. My glasses have reached a new level of pathetic, and fall off if I turn my head too quickly. I have a headache because I don't wear my glasses, because if I lean over, they fall off. Basically what it comes down to is that if anyone was toying with the notion of buying me a gift for my birthday or Christmas, I need money for glasses and an eye exam. I know...I'm using my blog as a shameless request for gifts...sorry.

And, just to prove I'm not full of it, some legs in progress.

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