Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I breed maids!

I should be paid millions of dollars to breed little children who love to clean. Not only does she vacuum, but she does the dishes too! She loves to do the dishes so much that we have huge temper tantrums when she's asked to get down off of the chair she's dragged all the way into the kitchen to do said dishes...And I wonder why my glasses are mangled...
So, these three girls are completed and (hopefully) will be in the shop soon.
There are individual pictures of them here.

I've been spending so much time experimenting with these three, that I'm a bit tired of Fritters at the moment. I have lots of new ideas in my head, but I'm going to take a mini break so as to not get frustrated if my ideas meet with failure. Instead, I'm back to work on Estella's name book for Christmas. I had the brilliant (add eye roll and heavy sarcastic tone to that one) idea of adding quilted borders to each page, so what could have been nearly done, has become the bane of my existence. Luckily, I have no social life so I've got lots of time to get it done...and it'll look all pretty-like when I'm done.

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