Wednesday, November 5, 2008

back from the Jers

The trees in New Jersey are camouflaged. It's probably some sort of pollution or tree disease, but the trees that lined the Boulevard are very cool. Some of the others had more camo spots and colors, but I just happened to be parked next to this one. Anyone know why that happens? No bark, just spots.
It was a good couple of days away...not particularly restful, but nice to get away and see my grandparents. My Grandpa is doing well. I wasn't really able to visit him because Estella wasn't allowed in his hospital room, but I was able to get in a couple of quick visits.

We had a nice visit with my Grandma one morning. Estella showed her all of her new dance moves (including the Worm) and had fun walking the halls holding hands with her Great-Grandma. They're very cute together. The oldest and youngest of my (immediate)family...95 and 1!
Like I said, a good visit, but combined with daylight savings, I'm totally exhausted!

I've been able to get some more Fritters done and soon! Walter took Estella to the Coop tonight and I had over an hour with no interruptions! It's the little things that make me happy these days! I actually was cursing myself earlier because of my dinner choice. If I'd stop making labor intensive/time consuming dinners, I'd have so much more time to myself. I cooked and chopped through Estella's entire nap. There really is something to be said for PB&J for dinner...maybe tomorrow.

I 'll close with a sleepy girl on Grandpa's couch! So cute!
Oh, thanks everyone for asking, but Estella did not dress up for Halloween. Between the move and going away, Halloween took a back seat. I'm sure next year she'll be demanding that I make some crazy costume...I'll take lots of pictures!

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O that photo of the young and old...great shot.