Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making a come back...

I feel like maybe my crafting urge and inspiration has returned. I was in a bit of a slump for a while, but as of today I feel pretty un-slumped. I suppose with a 20 month old, personal time, and the urge to do anything with it, is rare.

This is Samuel and Elaine. They will hopefully make it to the shop at some point soon. They're lounging on Estella's quilt which is now at 41/54 done! I've been sewing the binding at night while I relax on the couch, and it's coming along quite nicely. I think I'll be done before Estella leaves for college after all.

All ready for the snow:
We bought Estella this coat over the weekend. In the store she was at first very enamored with it, insisting that she wear it out...then of course, later that day, she refused to put it on. She's since come around again and has fallen back in love much in love that we have to keep it hidden in the house. She caught a glimpse of it yesterday and ended up wearing it around while she played. Wacky child! I guess it's better that she love it than hate it.

So, we sign the Purchase Option for the new house on Monday. Once that's done, we figure we'll start making it a bit more ours. We bought a couple of colors of a no VOC paint this weekend to get started. We've never used that type of paint, but you're supposed to be able to paint and not have to leave the house for days afterwards. We're starting with Estella's room and the upstairs'll be nice to not see white walls everywhere you turn!

I'm off to NJ on Wednesday, so if I don't post before then,

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Aaron said...

Stacey !!! Good to see you again. Wish I could have seen you last month when I was in VT. Guess you heard about my little illness? No sweat. Anyway, hope you and Walter are well. Is that your little girl?