Friday, September 26, 2008

there was a time...

...when I would have had to put her in a box for a cute picture. This time she did it herself. There have definitely been enough boxes around lately for her to play in and on!
This get well bouquet went out today to my Grandpa in New Jersey. He had heart surgery yesterday and I thought he would like a picture bouquet to brighten his day...GET WELL SOON GRANDPA!!!
I also had a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. This lovely piece of vintage material made it's way to me from California...THANKS CHASE! All that's left is to decide what it'll be turned into!
There's not much else to report...lots of packing happening and left to be done. Also Internet to connect in the new house...maybe soon I'll be posting from there with new pictures to share. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I have an easier Internet experience than the last time!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it.
You know, I've been noticing she's no longer a baby.
Seeing her in the box, makes me wish you could send her to me for a few days.
Happy Halloween month.Chase