Sunday, September 28, 2008

and so it goes

Just when you thought your day couldn't get any more fun, your daughter empties the contents of an entire jumbo box of Ziploc bags onto the floor. Luckily, since we've been packing, there are plenty of empty drawers for me to stuff such things into so I can pretend it didn't happen.
Confession time... I've done a bad, bad thing. In a moment of creative weakness, I decided that I would love to make Estella a quilt. I found myself inspired by some other quilts on other blogs. The only problem is that I am not a quilter. I leave the quilting to my mom, and she leaves the toy making to me.
Quilter or not, it's too late to turn back now. The squares are cut, and I've started sewing. I really would like to actually finish this quilt...yeah, there are others in the "works in progress" box that live there permanently. I really love all of the orangey materials, so maybe I won't get sick of looking at it. At least I'm not completely insane and going for a difficult pattern...this quilt will be made of squares, and only squares. Simple.

The main thing I have going for me right now is that I've had some recent Fritter flops and I'm avoiding new ones like the plague. I need something to give me an excuse for my continued Fritter neglect, and this is just the thing!

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Anonymous said...

So, you guys got in just in time...
Let me know if U get this, thanks.