Friday, October 3, 2008

we're home!

We have moved! Estella took advantage of all of the empty drawers and cupboards, and managed to entertain herself for a while while I packed.
The first night in the house was rough! The upstairs floors were all redone and were letting off tons of nauseating fumes. Walter aired out Estella's room for a couple of days before we moved, and it seemed to be okay. I only lasted about an hour in our room. I'm so sensitive to smells anyway, and the fumes were too much to handle. Long story short, Estella started coughing around 2am (presumably from the fumes) and we all ended up on the pull out couch in the living room, Peanut included...cozy. I have no idea how people have a family bed. I would get absolutely no sleep! I can happily report, we were all in our own beds last night!

We still have TONS of unpacking to do. There aren't any shelves or bars in the closets, so we have suitcases and boxes and laundry baskets full of clothing without homes...I've got a trip to the Depot planned for tomorrow...we'll eventually have functioning closets.

The house is so big that it's almost comical how empty some of the rooms look, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we fill them and get more comfortable in the space. We're still in shock that we live here, but super happy.

One of the best features of the house isthe original staircase:
The staircase is nice and wide, and considering it's over 100 years old, is surprisingly not creaky.

Someday when there aren't boxes all over, I'll post a photo tour of the place so all of you out-of-staters can see out new home! Or, you could always come for a visit!

On the crafting front, since everything is in boxes, not much has happened. I finished the top of Estella's quilt right before we moved. Actually, I was finishing it as Walter moved boxes around me. I wanted to get it done so I wouldn't feel so pressured to get my studio set up...too many other things to take care of. Oh yeah, you heard me right, I have my OWN studio, at least until a boy child forces me to give it up! (NO NO NO, there is not one on the way...) I did make sure to arrange the furniture so that we'll be able to put in a guest bed when we have the money. I'm not totally opposed to sharing...

Hope everyone has a warm weekend...supposedly there's snow in the forecast-burr...

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