Friday, May 2, 2008

a quick update

Sorry, no pictures today...just wanted to quickly let everyone know what's up.

We have moved! And like all good moves, nothing has gone right! The hot water heater wasn't working the first day and a half, the dish didn't work the first night and the Internet may never work!

I called yesterday to have it turned on...because usually that's all you need to do, and after an hour and 39 minutes- yeah, I timed it- we still don't have the Internet. We may have it on the 15th if the phone line is updated enough to accommodate high speed Internet....... The Internet is my lifeline, it's my link with the outside world, it's my way of unwinding after Estella goes to bed. I am not taking this well!

So, I am blogging quickly from work (don't tell the boss!) and besides this, you may not hear from me for two more weeks. Hopefully all will work out then and I'll have lots of updates on the compact, the house, my projects and other general nonsense. So until then, Happy May! (And Happy Mother's Day next weekend to all you Mamas out there!)

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