Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Coast

There really isn't much to say about the drive up the coast except that there was a lot of driving involved.
It was also very cold...cold enough that we didn't have enough clothing with us to stay warm...which made all outdoor activities miserable.
We did get to visit with Claude and Maggie (I guess they're Walter's step Grandparents) for a day and Estella got to see all kinds of animals and torment their sweet dog, Puppers.

We also spent a few chilly minutes at Denis the Menace Park in Monterrey...a really great park for kids to climb and slide and swing but it was just so cold that we didn't stay long.
Next up, San Francisco, Novato and Grandma Chase!

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in posting today...it's rainy and cold and Estella has been asking all morning, "Estella go on airplane to California." and I'm sort feeling like asking for the same thing! We're all kind of missing California...we've come home to some harsh realities here and it'd be nice if we could escape back to vacation mode...

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