Friday, June 5, 2009

Los Angeles & Uncle Mark

We had a really great visit with my brother, Mark (and Attie, too), in LA. He lives in a great house in Los Feliz in LA...not the kind of architecture you'd find in big and roomy!
The weather was gorgeous the whole time we were and sunny all day! We did a few fun touristy things-using Estella as our excuse...a trip to Travel Town:
The tar pits and the museum we so cool! The museum has a ton of skeletons found in the pits and there were also tar pits all around the property...actual bubbling tar that you could walk right up to and touch! Very cool!

We also went for a visit to Vacation:
And right around the corner...we had some frozen yogurt:
I had to include a picture of the yogurt shop, only because it was so not Vermont!

Estella and Attie loved each other! Estella tormented Attie and Attie kept Estella with a face full of dog licks the entire time!
We had a really great couple of days...hopefully it won't be another four years before we make it out again!
Thanks for a great visit, Mark! Hope to see you soon!

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