Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation Cont.

I really want to apologize for the lack of enthusiasm in my posts recently...and this one will be no exception. I've been feeling a little run down and I just don't have the energy to put into it. My lack of energy is by no means a reflection of our last week in California. We had a great time - very relaxing in fact. I just wanted to get up some pictures from that last week so that I could get back to more recent events in my next post!

Baking with Grandma Chase (don't worry, they were dog biscuits!)
The Discovery Museum:
Mission Pie...a great pie shop and this place out if you're in San Francisco!
A childhood dream come true...we went to the Mrs. Grossman's factory...when I was younger, I had every intention of owning a sticker store when I grew up, and just seeing all those rolls of stickers was enough to rekindle that old flame! :)
We did go on outings most days, but really we spent a lot of time at Chase and Brian's. They have a great house, and a nice closed in yard with lots of garden beds and chickens! It was nice to relax in the sun, pet the chickens and poke around the gardens...not to mention that a closed in yard takes a lot of stress off of keeping track of a two year old!
It was a really great visit, and we're hoping we'll be able to make the trip again soon...thanks for everything!
I will try to find some enthusiasm for my next blog...actually it's not so much enthusiasm I'm lacking-it's energy. Either way, I've been working on my projects, so I should hopefully have something new to share soon!

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