Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mini Vaca

We had a really nice time in Boston last week.

We spent part of the day at the Aquarium checking out all they have to offer. The jellyfish exhibit was by far the coolest part.
Estella had lots of fun looking at all of the different sea creatures...she ran around yelling penguin, starfish, jelly and Stanley (which is the name of the fish in one of her books). It was very cute, and it will probably be a trip we make many times in the coming years. I can see how it would be fun with kids at all the different age levels.

We stayed in a really nice hotel right on the Long Wharf
And Estella was able to look out the windows at all of the boats coming and going.
We also walked around the Quincy Market/ Faneuil Hall area for a bit...Estella didn't want to walk around, she said she wanted to "sit, watch peoples"
It was a quick trip, but it was really nice to get away and have a little time all together with nothing to do but enjoy hanging out.

Estella has been learning to fold, and spends lots of time folding and unfolding washcloths, towels, and whatever else she can find.
We also bought a wardrobe of sorts for Walter's DJ equipment so now he can have turntables set up in the house at all times...he and Estella have been enjoying lots of DJ time with the new set-up.

Estella decided the best way to help me with the building was to climb on the my back, bounce up and down, and yell "ride horsey!"
I guess that basically sums up the last week. I haven't done any sewing at all. Partly because my machine was loaned out for a few days, and partly because I'm being lazy. I cleaned up my area yesterday though, and I'm hoping to get some sewing time in this week. It's time to motivate myself to get some work done and take advantage of these rainy days...once the sunny days come, sewing indoors will not be on my agenda!


Melanie said...

sounds like you had a great time! I would love the bring the kids to the aquarium- I went as a little girl.
I remember you sitting just like that with your legs crossed when we were teenagers! So funny you still do it!

Kristy said...

I love the picture of the jellyfish