Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Bunny

Saturday we went on an Easter Egg Hunt and saw the Easter Bunny whom Estella refers to as the "Easter Egg Bunny."

She apparently doesn't have the killer instinct it takes to gather more Easter Eggs than all of the other children, but prefers to wander around picking up an egg, looking at it and then putting it back down and moving on. It was an event that was a little overwhelming for all of us...swarms of kids running around pushing each other down for the most Easter Eggs. Still, Estella had fun watching the mayhem and she was thrilled to see the Easter Bunny.

Most of the kids wouldn't get close enough to get a picture with him, but Estella was so thrilled to see him that she gave him a big hug and sat on his lap clapping her hands...she cried when we had to say good-bye.
She was thrilled with her Easter basket yesterday morning and insisted on carrying it around all day long. I couldn't get a very good picture of the basket since it was such a dreary day and I refuse to use the flash but it turned out really well. It's perfect for her because she's a bag lady of sorts and now she can carry the fabric basket around instead of the paper bags she's been so fond of.

She was also thrilled to find some stickers, toys and organic jelly beans in it. She was very willing to share her jelly beans with us when we asked which I thought was impressive since candy is such a rarity. I'm sure as she gets older she'll learn to horde her candy and won't share with me even if I beg...which I will.
We had a nice day together yesterday. Walter worked on a paper, Estella constantly made sure her Easter Basket was in sight and I looked out the window and whined about the fact that it was snowing, but at least we were all home with a day off!

I've also started a new project...a sneak peek for you:
So far so good, and hopefully I'll have more progress to share with you soon. The above is a small part of a much larger project so it may be a while, but it'll have to be done by August. (I'll share more about that at another time) It may be months before it's done, but I'm just happy that I've motivated enough to start working steps.


Kristy said...

I have no idea what your new project is. I remember that you said you were working on a quilt. If that is part of a quilt then it will be a very interesting quilt. So I guess I am saying that I have no guess.

Mom said...

I loved today's post. It's amazing that Estella actually liked the Easter Egg bunny! (BTW, her hair looks very cute up.) The new project looks like it might have feathers??

Melanie said...

sounds like a great Easter!
My guess is feathers of some sort too. . .