Sunday, March 22, 2009

What the...?

This is not what I thought I'd wake up to. Actually, the plows going by woke me up and I knew my day was not going to go as I'd planned.
The weather on the radio said it was supposed to be nice all weekend with a chance of rain on Saturday...RAIN!...not snow. Was I listening to the wrong station? Did the rest of you know this was coming? Either way, it's here and it's covering everything. It's the kind of snow that sticks to every tiny little branch...very pretty, just not really very welcomed.

On a tastier note, I have finally figured out how to make a decent banana bread! I'm very good at producing rotten bananas but have not, until recently, been very good at using them.
I modified a recipe I found on the Internet and it's super yummy...and I've tried it twice so I know the first time wasn't just a baking fluke. I've been enjoying it with Vermont Soy milk. I know lots of people are anti-soy, but you should all try the Vermont Soy milk. All of the flavors are so good! And it's local!

Estella composed this picture for your viewing pleasure:
She pulled a chair to the window and put her cereal and a book on it and told me to "take picture." So I did as I was told and indulged her artistic whims.

The very serious artiste...
I also am happy to report that Estella has actually started to say her name! Up until now, she referred to herself as "baby" but last night she found out how fun her name is to say and she hasn't stopped since. It's so fun to hear her saying her name in her cute little girl voice...I can't get enough!


Anonymous said...

More snow, WTF? You poor thing it is officially spring and you are still getting snow. I don't know how you put up with it...I would go nuts. You all need to move south to a place that has normal sessions. It is 65, sunny and everything is in bloom...the way spring is suppose to be. Hope the snow melts fast for all.

Whosies said...

ya. we got some of that too. so cold after just a bit of warmth.

Melanie said...

Estella looks so cute sitting there all composed, with that solemn look on her face! She is a cutie pie. And very artistic. . .