Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have a headache

And am therefore incapable of coming up with a clever blog title.

I was looking at all of the millions of pictures on my camera and thought I'd share a rare moment of Estella with her hair in pigtails:
She gets very excited when she sees pigtails in a picture, but will rarely let me actually put them in her hair. I guess she was feeling particularly girly that day.

We took a quick trip to the bookstore today and I managed to spend all of Walter's hard earned money on new books...I like to think of my ability to leave the bookstore with new books as a special talent. This book and this book had some great projects in them and since I'm avoiding making plush right now, I need projects to try.
I also got two other reference books for some reading but I'm not going to get into their subject matter right this moment...

Our ghetto foot bridge through the mud in the driveway:
Luckily most of the snow surrounding the driveway has melted away, so our drive should be dried out soon and we'll be able to remove this eyesore of a pathway. It may be ugly, but my shoes are mud free! And Estella has been enjoying walking on it...perfecting her tightrope skills should she ever decide to run off and join the circus.

Tomorrow we are going to a little boy's 2nd birthday party. I purchased some wooden blocks and a book for him, but last minute decided he needed a bag to keep it all in:
Just a simple bag with his name on it which will also allow me to avoid gift wrapping!

Not much else is happening here. I got my butt kicked in a yoga class on Thursday, and my arms are still sore. I'm trying to be a big girl about it and rest my muscles because I start kickboxing on Monday...and the tires on the jogger have been filled, so running must also start back up...tis the season to work off the winter weight I gained!

Walter has another break after next week's classes and then only three (or is it four) weeks of school left...crazy that it really did go by fairly quickly! Graduation is exciting, but also leaving us with a ton of questions...once again our lives will be up in the air until we figure a few things out. We have a knack for getting ourselves into situations that leave us up in the air and unsettled...I guess you could consider that another special talent! What can I say, we're a talented kind of family :)

Hope you've all had the chance to enjoy the sunshine today - I'm looking forward to a lot more of it to come! Happy Spring!


Melanie said...

Happy Spring!
Estella looks great in pigtails- I used to love to put Ella's in pigtails at this age.
I have wondered about that Amy Butler book myself. I just bought her "Barcelona Skirts" pattern to make myself some spring/summer skirts.

Kristy said...

Kickboxing, yoga, and go Stacey.

Whosies said...

the denise shmidt book is wonder-bar!! great reading. our driveway is a bunch of mush with gravel. i don't really like the mushey season either.