Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

I can only assume that Estella is spring cleaning...
She's still a little young to really pretend cook, so she spends her time stacking every single dish and utensil on top of her stove. I figure she's just rearranging and organizing like her Mama!

FYI, the dishes that she got for her birthday are these...100% recycled and made in the US! That's how I justified them being plastic...that, and since they're made of milk jugs, they'll never disintegrate on us :)

Estella enjoying a little reading time in the sun:
She got this Alphabet/ Dictionary book recently and loves to sit and look at it and say "alphabet" over and over.
And of course Peanut is enjoying the return of the sun!
She will park herself in the tiniest little spot of sun for some extra warmth...if she's not laying in front of the heater vent. Look at those transparent ears! She's without a doubt the one who's most thankful for the return of warmer weather.

And thankfully, this morning was the first morning yet that I've woken up and there isn't any frost on my car. It's still chilly, but it's nice to know that spring and summer are on their way.

We are set to go away in May! Yesterday we finally broke down and bought our plane tickets and reserved our car rental for California. I've been avoiding making definite plans...not because I don't want to go, but because I'm so anxious about flying in general, not to mention flying with a two year old. I don't want to be that family that people groan at when they see you get on the plane. Still, I'm excited to go and Walter has promised that he won't fall asleep and leave me to deal with the flight on my own.

If anyone knows of any wonderful things to do anywhere from Los Angeles to San Francisco, let us know...this will be an entertain-the-two-year-old trip, not a shopping and partying trip like they have been in the past. I'm hoping that on our last weekend there, we'll be able to make it it to the San Mateo Maker Faire . I think it's not too far away and it would be a nice treat since I missed the Boston Bazaar Bizarre this year...we'll see.

Hope you're all able to get out and enjoy the day today, it looks like it's going to be a great one!

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Melanie said...

I've seen those dishes places- do you like them?
Oh you lucky to be getting away on vacation!