Thursday, March 12, 2009

Next time I'll keep my mouth shut

In my last post I was a little premature in my warm weather praises...the next morning I woke up to snow covering everything that had cleared and frozen ruts in the driveway. I knew winter wasn't over but it's harsh to have nice warm sun coming in the windows and then a day of darkness and snow to deflate my happy little springtime bubble.

As I was taking this picture of Estella at lunchtime, I realized that most of the pictures I take of her are while she's in her seat eating...I guess my only reason for that is that she's stationary long enough to get a non-blurry image of her. So, today you can all see her eating her lunch and just believe me when I say that I do not keep her strapped in her seat all day long!
A shot of my work area today:
Some scraps from Estella's Easter basket that I made from Zakka Sewing, a Living Crafts magazine that I am planning to make the Easter bunnies out of for Estella's Easter basket if I ever get around to enlarging the pattern, some Pickles to Pittsburgh, and another furry beast in the works. I have the antlers turned right side out, but they're a bit limp. I'm not sure how to stiffen them up. An iron on stabilizer makes it impossible to turn them out, and wire would make them a little too stiff and bendable...what about starch? I've never starched anything, so I'm not sure what that requires or what the results would be but I guess it's worth a try...limp antlers just won't cut it!

My quilt in progress is coming along much faster than expected. For some reason this one seams to be easier than Estella's which doesn't make sense since it's the same amount of squares. Anyways, I have all of the strips put together so far.
And some finished beasts:

Hope every one's week went quickly and you all have fun plans for the for me, no plans, so maybe I'll blog again or get some work done, or maybe I'll just be a blob on the couch...that could be relaxing.


Melanie said...

You are keeping so busy crafting!
I am glad you are getting Living Crafts! I want to make those bunnies too- I got wool felt for them.
I have many pictures of Asa seated and eating as well and never realized it until my sister remarked on it.

Whosies said...

love the furries.
just wondering if you could sew either thin batting or even a felt--the same time that you sew the front and backs together. then turn them out. is that too much bulk to turn? or, sew 2-3 pieces of felt together in the shape and trim close to those lines. that might work too. cute stuff and little asperagus eater...