Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grand Re-Opening!

The studio is back open! I know it wasn't closed for very long, but it was enough time for me to relax a little and not feel so pressured to get work done.

Today I did a little organizing and tidying and sewing. I made this little velvety bunny and put together all of the squares for their first sewing.
I figured I'd better get started on the quilt...I think I'm going to try to get one stage/step done a week, and maybe I'll be done by August! The bunny was just an experiment, but Estella is completely in love with her!

I also tried a little something with some fur.
I'm so excited with how it has turned out so far, and not quite as excited with how much fur there is all over everything in the studio! I'll post pics of this one when it's all stuffed and ready to go.
As for Estella...well, she's sad.
She makes a point to tell us multiple times during the day if something is making her sad, and she often informs us that other items in the house are sad as well. Her sadness requires many hugs and much discussion about why the TV, heater, dog, toy, etc is sad. Above she is crying full on tears while watching The Little Mermaid, which should be considered a happy, special time to be watching a movie, but at each song, she started crying saying "sad".

I'm not sure if her emotions are normal or I should be concerned, but I can't help but get a kick out of her hugging the heater because it's sad...I guess we'll see how long this carries on before getting too worried. Maybe she's just getting in touch with her sensitive side!

Not much else is going on here. We're enjoying the return of natural light during the days, and looking forward to enjoying the back yard when the rest of the snow melts away and the mud dries up. Right now our driveway is un-drivable...there are some fairly impressive tire ruts already and mud season has just begun!


Melanie said...

Aw, Estella! How cute.
In my experience at this age they have a sort of awakening and are more aware of things they previously weren't- she could be confusing "sad" with other emotional feelings such as "scared."
But I don't think you have to be concerned!

Kristy said...

I love the furry creature. Is it a Yeti??