Thursday, March 5, 2009


Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes for Estella! It was a great day.

First, the oven in all of its aqua glory:
Estella has been cooking up a storm since she got it...the first thing she wanted this morning was to "play cook oven"!

She got some great little gifts in this silver tin, which is also very cool...I'm dieing to know what it's actually used for with the two little of some sort?
She has become a champion wrapping paper ripper...I don't know why I bother with paper, she just tears and moves on and then goes back to check out the gifts once the unwrapping's done. I'm assuming that's fairly common for a two year old.
She (and we) enjoyed her cake. I made her Gracie's Yellow Birthday Cake from Feeding the Whole Family, with strawberry sauce and soy icecream. It was very yummy and didn't leave her with a sugar high!
And finally, I couldn't resist these buying these daffodils while I was waiting for Estella's birthday balloons to be inflated...I'm a sucker for daffodils, they really are my favorite flower. And they fill the whole kitchen with their scent...makes me think springy warmer weather thoughts!
That's it for today. Thanks again for all of the Estella Birthday Love!!


Anonymous said...

Booooo no suger not even on her Birthday...just teasing!

Cool stove!

So glad to hear she had a nice Birthday.

Melanie said...

What a wonderful stove! Great job!

Kristy said...

It was a great little party, and the cake was simple wonderful. Aiden was so dissappointed that I didn't bring any home so I guess I will have to make it here.