Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looking up

Finally a ray of hope...things with the CPSIA are looking up! Thanks to everyone who voted, petitioned and wrote letters...we have another year! I guess this means I have to actually start putting more products in the shop and making more of an effort...

Speaking of effort...two more toy bags in the works:

They're actually done now, you can see pics of them here. I'm hoping to get them in the shop soon, but I'm so lazy about updating, so who knows when they'll actually get there.

Another work in progress:

I don't want to post full pics of this one yet because it's part of a big elaborate plan that will probably take forever, so I want a big fancy "drum roll, please" kind of finale when I'm done. I'll try to give some sneak peaks along the way...

I've also got another project that will (hopefully) be started soon. Some old friends are getting married this summer and (I think) they're the type of people who will appreciate a handmade gift. I know I swore after Estella's throw that I would never make another one, but I'm doing least I get to take a trip to my favorite little fabric store to buy some fabric for it! I figured I'd get started early so I'll have lots of time to ignore it when I get sick of sewing straight lines.

I also have some birthday gifts for this little one that need some work.
My dad brought the play stove over yesterday and I have to do some painting and accessorizing. I have burners and knobs to paint and I'm thinking about colors for the stove itself...wait till you see this is so cute. Thanks Dad!

I can't believe my little girl is turning two in a month! She talks constantly and throws tantrums regularly, she torments the dog and laughs when she gets yelled at...yep, she's a two year old...time really does fly!


Melanie said...

I absolutely love your applique!

Kristy said...

I am going to take a guess on your project. It is a fritter with jeans that hang down really low so you can see its boxers. Am I right???