Thursday, February 5, 2009


I was wondering why Estella ran into the living room with the muffin tin...apparently she was making muffins! She came back into the kitchen looking very proud and said, "muffins, bake".
Another freezing cold day today, perfect for getting some work done and organized.

Another peek of my WIP...
Obviously another project involving a rainbow of fruit flavors:
And the fabric for the quilt I mentioned last post:
I tried to get material that wouldn't be too girlie and flowery...I think it'll be nice and bright and summery when I'm done. It's always hard to tell how it'll actually look until you've got all the squares cut and sewn. I wasn't sure about Estella's quilt either but once it was all together, I loved it...I'm sure when it's done I'll love this one too.

Not much else to report today...I'm off to do some dinner prep for a yummy Curried Split Pea Soup that's Kristy's recipe. Trust me, make nice with Kristy...she creates lots of yummy recipes.


corry said...

Hallo Stacey,
Just want to let you know a little swap parcel is on its way. You have a lovely little girl and I adore the dolls you make. They have their own style what makes them so fantastique.
Have a nice day, groeten Corry

Kristy said...

I think I was right on my guess. It looks like a hoodie to go with the saggy jeans and boxers.

Melanie said...

It is so sweet how little children imitate their world in their play!
I love the color combination for the quilt. It would brighten up any room!

Whosies said...

just had some questions about construction for the dolls clothes. could you email me so we can chat? thanks a bunch.... whosiesandwhatnots(at)yahoo(dot)com