Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dwindling list

My to do list is dwindling!

I planted my mini herb garden and found a use for my cake stand cover all at the same time:
(Yes, that's a collection of old tea and coffee infusers...people are always getting rid of them at yard sales and thrift that weird? Whatever, I like them!)

I finally washed a load of gentle cycle, lay flat to dry sweaters:
I made my daughter animal shaped quesadillas for lunch:
I ran lots of errands, I did multiple loads of laundry, I changed the bed linens, I organized Estella's books, I framed and hung Estella's new print, and I'm blogging for the second time today...I am a Domestic Goddess. But just so you're not too intimidated by my new goddess status, I'll admit to slicing off my knuckle with the cheese grater, failing miserably at putting together a storage shelf, and finding my child on the top stair while I was making lunch. So maybe I'm not quite a domestic goddess, but you have to admit, I did manage to get a lot accomplished today!

I have a few more things I'd like to work on today, but I'm running out of energy...being up at 4:00am will do that to you...and I hear Estella waking up from her nap. Today's just another reason I have to get my computer set up to work from home on Tuesdays...I need to have another day of the week that I'm not required to make the trek in to really does take up the entire day. Soon enough...


Kristy said...

The only thing I accomplished today was cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, and errands. You need to come over here and help me with my list. I think it is a book by now.

Melanie said...

You ARE a domestic goddess! I am impressed with all that you got done! Did you get any crafting done at all? That would be the icing on the cake.