Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowy days...

We got covered in snow yesterday...finally some more snow and less freezing cold weather.

We all braved the snow for a very short time so that Estella could go sledding like the "big kids" in the back yard. Little kids in snow suits never cease to amuse me...totally incapable of doing anything but to stand there with stiff limbs.
After dinner Estella enjoyed a little DJ time with Walter. She gets so excited when he starts to get the DJ equipment'd think we were giving her chocolate covered sugar cubes or something...she loves to "booka-booka" like a DJ, and Walter loves to have the time with her...picture of the beloved event taken by the resident DJ himself:
Later in the evening we enjoyed (or in my case, made myself sick on) some snow cream. It really is the perfect treat for someone such as myself that has never outgrown eating snow. There's something about fresh fluffy snow that makes me want to take a bite...
(Sorry for the slightly odd colored was too dark to take a decent pic)

As for today, it's done snowing but we're left with days of clean up. I just got in from shoveling out so I can run some local errands, and I may need an oxygen mask. Shoveling is by far the best workout around.

I have a long list of things to accomplish, so I think that today will be spent trying to cross some things off. Walter is in clinical all day, and then works tonight, so I have the whole day to get my things-to-do accomplished. Estella right now is watching Charlotte's web...with the "spi-ster", and is letting me blog in peace...maybe she'll let me get lots of things done today. She really has been very needy and whiny's hard to take some days. I guess I better get used to her behavior since she's getting to that age...

As for the Husband, he's staying busy with school and work. He's very excited that tomorrow's clinical will have him in the ER...a place that he thinks he may want to end up. As for how we're handling his schedule...I'm hoping he'll decide to take off Thursday would benefit us all. He wouldn't have such a long day, Estella wouldn't have to go two days without seeing her daddy, and I would be able to take a Yoga class. Selfish, I know, but I need that time to myself and the Thursday night class would fit me best. We'll all depends on Walter wanting to take off and being able to do it financially....time will tell.

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