Friday, January 9, 2009

sesame street

I've had a couple of requests for the sesame cookie recipe, so here it is. I substituted agave for the sugar and didn't use the full amount...also used half whole wheat and half unbleached flour...all in all, a yummy cookie.

I've also had a chance to do a bit more work...
She actually has an outfit nearing completion, but I forgot to take pictures of it.

I have plans for a quick play date tomorrow, as well as a nice visit with some mamas and kiddos on Monday. Also, some family in town this week and reservations for a nice dinner out (sans Estella) at one of our favorite restaurants...considering how uneventful my weeks tend to be, this one is overflowing with plans! And, I get to go to yoga on Tuesday! Wow, I actually have lots of things to break up my week this week...

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