Sunday, January 11, 2009

I like snow?

It was another snowy day today, and another day in the studio for me...could it be that I'm actually pleased when it snows now? I guess only if I don't have to go anywhere...
I woke up with a Migraine this morning, so Walter took on all Estella care for the day and I was able to hide in my studio for some quiet time...after a nice relaxing bath, of course!

The first outfit, a sundress and bloomers, is complete:
I worked very hard yesterday on a pair of overalls for the same took up all of my free time during the day, and go figure, they don't fit. I was so disappointed that all of my hard work resulted in failure, only to realize that they fit the previously naked doll. She's still bald and creepy, but at least she's no longer naked! I was so pleased that the overalls weren't a total waste that I was motivated to do another pair in the correct size.
I spent today finishing up the overalls and nearly completing another outfit. I'll post pics when it's finished. The doll, by the way, is for Estella...did I say that in a previous post? Anyways, I'm enjoying making something with the intention of keeping it in the house.

I have to get back into some projects for the shop, but I'm discouraged at the thought of having to take them all down in a couple of weeks in case nothing changes with the CPSIA. It seems that they are starting to make exceptions, but we'll have to wait and see.

Estella is the proud new(est) owner of a Fisher Price Tudor House from 1980. I had one of these as a little girl, and it's still cool! She's been thoroughly enjoying it...constantly asking to play with the "house" and "garage". Very cute!
I guess that's enough excitement for today. Tomorrow this house will have a painful dose of reality...Walter goes back to school. It's been very nice to have him home more, and to get a little time to myself. It's only (as he says) 121 days, and then it will be all over! I guess I'll start the countdown!

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