Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More progress

I'm done with outfit number three for Estella's doll. A lined wool coat and a lined wrap dress...I'm very pleased with the outcome.
I've just started a kimono shirt for Estella. It was a free pattern online and it looks cute...we'll see how it comes out. I usually try to avoid people clothing, but I need a little break from tiny clothing for a day or two, so I'm trying the shirt.

I also wanted to make some cloth storage boxes. I've seen boxes/bags made of cloth or felted sweaters that are sort of stiff, and a good storage option. Anyone out there know what I'm talking about and where i can find instructions?

My little monster mid tumble on the studio floor:
Kind of looks like she's up to no good, right?

We had a really nice play date on Monday. Estella enjoyed the kids and I enjoyed the moms. It was really nice to talk to other grown ups! Estella really loved playing with the little play kitchen at our friend's house, which is perfect because my dad is helping make one for her for her birthday, and I'm collecting some items to go with it. I'm sure she'll be very excited to have one of her own, and I'll be excited for her to be entertained for long periods of time!

Hopefully all of you in winter zones are staying warm! It's currently 3 degrees here and apparently it's supposed to get even colder the next couple of days. I guess I should at least be thankful that I don't live in Minnesota! I always find myself a little surprised when I read an Australian blog that they're talking about how hot it is...and I'm freezing my butt off her in Verm-Arctic! Maybe I should split my time between Australia and Vermont...I wish!

Stay toasty everyone!


Melanie said...

Estella looks really cute in that picture.
We had fun with you guys too!
I am wondering if the free kimono shirt pattern you found is the one I just found too- it goes up to a size 8. I am planning on trying it as well.

Melanie said...

Oh- I meant to say I am loving the doll! I want a coat like that for me. . .