Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More stuff and things

We're back from the Kingdom...Estella had lots of fun with her Grandma and Papa John and Grammy. She really benefited from some time around multiple adults...she must have doubled her vocabulary over the weekend.
Smiley girl! That's the happiness I get from providing her with nutritious and delicious pizza for lunch...lazy mama+pizza=happy girl
I've finished Estella's doll...she love it!
I couldn't get her to stand still with it for a picture, but she was enjoying running around, hugging her. It's not the most attractive doll...disproportionate, bald and naked, but Estella doesn't seem to mind.
I may try another one soon, but I'm not sure if this is the type of doll for her yet...it doesn't really seem very washable...oh well, I'll figure it out, and by the time I actually make another one, maybe she'll be ready.

Today was an okay day. I had a bit of a run in with a jerk in a parking lot. I won't go into details, because the whole incident really frustrated me, but I was left shaken and annoyed. I try to live my life in a "do unto others" kind of way, and clearly he doesn't. All I'll say is that some day, karma will jump up and bite him in the arse.

On the other hand, apparently my karma is good. I received a very nice and needed gift today, and that made the annoyance of the morning a little less annoying...

Not much to report on the crafting front. I'm attempting a stuffed animal at the moment. The first one, Estella pointed at and said "deer". It was not a deer! I'm currently attempting try number two...hopefully it'll be more successful. To be perfectly honest, I'm getting a little freaked out by the Handmade Toy situation. If you haven't already, do something to get involved!! I mean really, what's next, the government telling me I can't buy my veggies from a local farmer unless they've been tested for something toxic? It's all just a little too much government interference for me...

I'm also happy to report that I'm starting a four week Yoga series tonight. It just happened to fit into our schedule, and it follows my whole New Year's plan of taking better care of myself. The last yoga class I took, Estella was crawling around the studio interrupting my concentration...that'll give you an idea of how long it's been...naughty, naughty unhealthy mama!


Katy said...

well, that is one happy little lady! Pizza's not so bad...just don't eat it whilst you are doing yoga, the instructors don't take too kindly to you stuffing your face whilst practising your lotus ;)

Anonymous said...

Why not give her one of your Fritters?

Melanie said...

I am getting worried about the fate of handmade toys as well. I feel like I am not seeing anything being done about it!
The doll looks like it came out great. You're right about the washability. . .they can only be handwashed!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry
Someone I know, who is in the know, has said it will go back to committee and get rewritten. So, not to worry.
Take a breath and keep creating!